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Sure you can buy a drain cleaner in the supermarket to get your pipes flowing again!  But this method is usually only temporary...

South East Total Service offers maintenance products to repair and stop recurring plumbing problems.  Slow drains and back ups are common annoying plumbing problems that seem to plague most properties.  Common causes include grease or food build up in sink drains, hair build up in shower drains, lint and other natural material build up in laundry lines as well as roots in the main sewer line. 

All of these causes can be treated and eliminated with regular use of our maintenance products.

Common signs of roots in the main line:

 -   Reoccurring drain problems.

 -   Ground settling along the pipe line.

A South East Total Service technician can determine if you have roots in the line.

ROOT X is a safe, simple and effective solution to pipeline root intrusion without hurting the tree or plant itself. The active ingredient in this product will kill only the roots with which it comes in contact and prevent their re-growth for up to one year. The environmentally safe chemical combination helps speed up the natural decomposition of roots. When mixed with water, ROOT X creates a foam that fills the entire pipe and leaves a residue above the water line to inhibit new growth.

The South East Total Service technicians will add the product and water to your system through the outside clean out access. Some situations, such as root blockage, require mechanical root cutting equipment to be most effective. The use of this equipment alone is only a short term solution because, as with pruning, the new growth comes back bigger and stronger where it was cut. The bigger, stronger roots will eventually destroy the line. An excavation and line replacement is the only way to completely solve that problem. An annual treatment or maintenance program will always cost less than replacing a broken line.

For more information on ROOT X treatments or maintenance programs, call SETS!