Facility Maintenance goes High Tech!

Has a plumbing problem ever occurred while you were away from the property?  Maybe you were on vacation or on a business trip or in the comfort of your own home...

When a sewer line is broken, all plumbers will camera the line, locate the problem and create a video tape for the customer.  First, this video then spends a day or two in the mail.  Once received by the customer, several days are spent trying to figure out what is on the screen.  During this time, the plumber creates and sends a proposal to make the repair.  Then, without fully understanding the situation or video, some owners approve the proposal and have the work performed just to end this plumbing nightmare.  Finally, the plumber's bill arrives and payment is rendered without truly comprehending what has transpired.

Through the duration of this scenario, property damage is occurring, tenants are displaced and employees become frustrated.  In other situations, such as a broken water main valuable time is wasted while technicians try to accurately describe the situation and solution to property managers or owners over the phone.  We know how important it is to make fast, accurate decisions on plumbing repairs.

The time has come for a real solution to these plumbing nightmares.

South East Total Service sets your mind at ease by bringing the job to you with our Remote Job Monitoring.  Our company has made it easy.  Simply log into our live video feed from anywhere in the world.  Our technicians will use our sophisticated interactive video to show you exactly where the problem is and what they will do to resolve it.  You can:

  • Interact with the technician while he is still on the property.
  • We understand that, in some cases, multiple people are involved in the decision making process.  Our Remote Job Monitoring can be accessed by as many authorized users as you require.
  • Watch as the work is being performed.  Sometimes additional decisions need to be made, if additional problems are discovered.
  • View the archived files, if you need to review it at a later date.
  • Finally, when the invoice arrives, authorization is simple.  You understood the problem and know that the work was completed to your satisfaction because the Remote Job Monitoring from South East Total Service sets your mind at ease!

We strive to meet every need for your property and look forward to introducing this technology to you.