Trenchless Sewer Repair

Once upon a time, a normal sewer repair job entailed destroying your yard and/or street and then spending thousands of dollars to repair things not related to the sewer. Thankfully, those days have pasted us by.  With trenchless sewer repair Southeast Total Service can fix your lines faster, strategically, with less mess and for less money.

Trenchless sewer repair has made great advances over the past few years and Southeast Total Service is on the forefront of the industry in Chattanooga.

  • Our process cures around 5.4 feet per minute
  • We can repair pipe lines up to 328 feet
  • This process increases the life of your pipe at least 50 years
  • Works for pipes 4 – 10 inches in diameter
  • Can maneuver through pipes at 90 degrees
  • ASTM F1216 compliant
Trenchless Sewer Repair

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair

For the business or homeowner here is a scenario, your pipe needs repair but is located under your home/building. Imagine the cost involved to dig and access the area under a building. Now imagine not having to do that. We access the area from ‘inside’ the pipe, much like we do with a camera, but we use a special lining and Bluelight to strengthen it. Similar to the light a dentist would use to cure a filling. This means that we don’t have to dig everything up to access and repair the damaged area of the pipe. Which in turn saves you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in additional repairs.

In the early days of trenchless pipe repairs the main problem was time to dry and cure the repair. With the patented Bluelight system Southeast Total Service can repair the pipe for less cost, and also save you major money in related repairs like street resurfacing and landscaping. Pipe bursting cost is very expensive, so if you can avoid tearing up a bunch up other things to fix the pipe that is obviously the way to go, and that’s what trenchless sewer repair is all about.

Trenchless is the perfect phrase to describe what we do. It does not require us to dig a trench. And for something that is buried feet underground that a pretty big deal. Previously, a line repair meant tearing up the ground in order to access the repair area.

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Benefits of trenchless sewer repair:

Trenchless Sewer Repair is the choice for many home and business owners - here’s why

  1. Lower Cost: The process involved for trenchless repair does not require as much equipment, it’s faster and it does not require as many technicians. For those reasons alone, trenchless pipe lining is a more affordable method compared to the old way.
  2. Rescue your lawn: With the old way, the first victim of the shovel is a large portion or your lawn. Grass is torn apart to dig and find the problem, then more digging to fix it. With the new method, only two small holes are required, one for entry of the camera and new lining, and then one for exit. So that means you don’t have the added cost of correcting your landscaping, which in itself can be a small fortune.
  3. Keep your neighborhood clean: When using traditional method, chances are your going to by digging up a sidewalk or street to locate and access the trouble spot. As you know, this is can create traffic problems and create an eyesore on your street. When using the new trenchless method tearing up street and sidewalks is not required, and will also save you big money.
  4. Eco Friendly: Repairing your sewer the traditional way can require different chemicals to complete the job. With trenchless, there is no need for chemicals or harsh agents. It’s better for the environment and better for people.

Chattanooga’s Trenchless Sewer Repair Experts

When choosing underground pipe repair methods, use the quick and less expensive trenchless method when you have issues with your Chattanooga sewer lines, just call Southeast Total Service. It's less expensive and you could avoid business and residential sewer line replacement costs. We do quality work that we stand behind. If you think you may have a sewer problem, the faster you catch it the easier it is to resolve, so don’t hesitate, call Southeast Total Service for an inspection to pinpoint the problem and solve it with the trenchless company.

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