Dream of Owning a More Luxurious Bathroom? 4 Features to Include While Remodeling

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Whether you’ve only recently moved into a newly purchased house or you’ve been living in the same place for a long stretch of time, remodeling your home is likely a great move to increase the property value and make the home feel more personal to you. With how often you’ll be using the bathroom, especially if your home has only a single bathroom, it’s a good idea to look into what you can do to remodel your bathroom with confidence.

If your main goal is to make your bathroom more luxurious, there are several projects that you should focus on. The following features can all be completed by a plumber and can make big improvements to your bathroom for daily use and when you want to unwind with a nice shower or soak in the bathtub.

High-End Showerhead

Replacing the showerhead can make a big impact in your daily use of the bathroom since it can affect everything from the water pressure to the way that your bathroom looks. If you’re especially interested in getting a rain showerhead installed due to its high-end look, you should look into what is involved in removing your existing showerhead and getting the new one installed.

With the average minimum cost of buying a showerhead that’s more luxurious in style, including rain showerheads, being between $150 and $200, it makes sense to leave the installation to the professionals. Installing a new showerhead involves knowing how to use an adjustable wrench and other tools. The amount of work involved makes professional installation a preferable choice.

Oversized Bathtub

Soaking in the bathtub can be the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work or a difficult day with your children. While a standard bathtub can still be nice, an oversized bathtub can be a much more preferable option. If you want the ability to be entirely submerged under the water, you’ll want to opt for a larger tub that gets deep enough.

Something you may not have considered before is the fact that you may run out of warm water with a larger bathtub. In order for your water to be warm enough to fully fill the bathtub, consider getting a larger water heater installed. Your plumber can help direct you towards what size is best and how to make the most your new oversized tub.

Handheld Spray for Shower

Another improvement you can make for your shower is to get a handheld spray attachment installed. What these shower attachments can do is allow you to bathe more thoroughly and even wash your hair better. Handheld sprays can vary quite a bit in how they’re installed, with some being added to your existing showerhead, to others needing more extensive installation work.

Your plumber can help make sure that the spray is installed properly and help ensure that you understand how to adjust the nozzle as needed.

Bidet Toilet Attachment

While most American bathrooms are lacking a bidet, bidets have numerous benefits to consider. From being more environmentally friendly due to a decrease in the need for toilet paper to being more hygienic, you may be curious about having one installed. Allowing your plumber to install the bidet attachment can ensure that the water is hooked up properly and that the heating or cooling for it is done right.

Hiring a plumber to make upgrades in your bathroom is fantastic idea but only if you know what projects you want to be done so that their time is spent wisely. If any of the above features interest you for remodeling your bathroom, contact us at South East Total Service so that we can give you the luxurious bathroom you’ve dreamed of.