How to Tell If You Need Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

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Troubles with your home’s sewer line can lead to numerous inconveniences around the house. You may need either repairs or a total replacement, but either way, you should have a professional look at it so that you know what job is best.

All Fixtures Drain Slowly

A clog may develop in your sink or tub. If just one fixture is draining slowly, then you generally do not have to worry about your sewer line. However, if all the fixtures in your house are having problems, then there is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed.

Awful Smells Come Up

sewer line that has backed up will cause intense smells to develop all-around your property. You may smell these pungent odors in your home or yard, but you need to have someone investigate immediately.

Changing Water Levels In Toilet

After you flush, you should have a good idea of where the water level should be. If the water replenishment starts becoming haphazard, then you have a problem. Sometimes it may fill up with hardly any water, and occasionally, it will fill up almost to the brim.
Sewer lines need routine maintenance to ensure they continue operating efficiently. Contact South East Total Service at 423-499-2911 to find a professional who can get your sewer line back in great condition.