When to Repipe Your Home

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Over time, you will likely need to replace a pipe or two in your house. However, a day may come when minor fixes will not cut it. In these circumstances, you need your home to undergo an entire repiping, so everything gets swapped out.

Pipes Are Too Old

Pipes are ordinarily out of durable materials, so they can last for decades. The thing to keep in mind is that if you have moved into a rather old house, then there is a chance the pipes are from when it was first built. An inspection from a professional will let you know how old your home’s pipes are and how much longer they have. It is better to get them replaced before they burst than afterward.

Pipes Are Excessively Damaged

One of your drains clogging is probably not too much cause for concern. However, if the pipes are clogging frequently, then there is likely a structural issue at play. You also need to be mindful if leaks are building up excessively. For homeowners who are unsure, contacting a professional plumber will allow your system to get inspected, and you will know the best way to proceed.
Old pipes can cause a lot of trouble, including flooding. Get ahead of this issue by contacting South East Total Service at 423-499-2911 to find a qualified plumber.